What is a Resource Efficiency Assessment (REA)?


An REA is an on-site assessment of your business operations, where our experts focus on identifying opportunities for reducing consumption of energy, water and other process materials, which in turn can improve the efficiency of the business and reduce costs.


Typically, what sort of things does Green Business look for during an REA?

Typically, Green Business looks at waste production and management, waste prevention opportunities, energy bills and charges, opportunities for heat recovery and optimisation of equipment use, lighting efficiency, water efficiency, and staff awareness.


What do I need to do to qualify for an REA?

Any business with a utility spend in excess of €25,000 can apply for an REA. (This includes costs of energy, waste management and water). If your utility spend is less than €25,000, there are still opportunities to improve efficiency, and Green Business can facilitate this through telephone support.


What does it cost?

REAs are free of charge to businesses that qualify for an REA. An REA can be worth as much as €5,000 in terms of consultancy time.


How do I apply for an REA?

Fill in an REA application form available online greenbusiness.ie/contact-us/ or email contactus@greenbusiness.ie with your request.


Is all data shared by my company with Green Business secure?

All data shared with Green Business is kept 100% confidential. Green business reports are not shared with any third parties including the EPA.

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