GreenBusiness Case Studies

Centra shop saves €13,000 a year through heat exchange

Centra Watergrasshill Co. Cork saved €13,000 per annum through heat exchange and LED upgrades. To read the full case study please follow this link.

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Glenillen Farm Video

Glenillen Farm video link

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Green Business Resource Efficiency Case Studies book

Green Business Resource Efficiency Case Studies Book. Case studies from Kerry Foods, ABP, DunLaohghaire Shopping Centre, CG Power Systems and Centra as well as many more. Follow this link.

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Greening your business – how much can you save?

Green Business Case studies booklet…

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Ireland’s Dairy Industry

Green Business reviewed the detailed CIP practices for evaporators across 6 different sites in order to identify differences and see if improvements made by individual sites could be transferred to the sector.

Potential cost savings of €130,000 were identified.

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Slaney Foods Co. Wexford Saves €28,000 on energy costs

Slaney foods international made €28,000 savings per annum through energy reductions. To read the full case study please follow this link.

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Atlantis Seafood Wexford

Atlantis Seafoods produces a variety of seafood products. Atlantis reduced water consumption by 200 m3 per annum and saved €4,000. Follow this link to read the full case study.

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ABP Food Group save energy and reduce waste

ABP Food Group make “Zero Waste to Landfill” possible & reduce carbon footprint.  For more click here ABP Waste

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ABP Food Group reduce water use

Since 2008 the site has estimated savings of over €300,000 through water reduction.  A relative reduction (m3/tonne) in water usage of 45% was achieved.  Therefore 45% less water was abstracted and 45% less water was treated in the WWTP, which also improved the WWT plant performance. For more click here ABP Water

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BIM Reduction in Transport Fuel Project

BIM conducted a trial project with 3 seafood companies concentrating solely on transport fuel. The primary aim of this project was to assist seafood processors reduce costs and emissions by reducing transport fuel usage in litres/100km. It is hoped that the fi ndings of this trial project serve as an example of what can be […]

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Segregate Your Waste – Signage for Your Business

New on the Green Business website is a resource for your business!

Download and print off signage for your business to indicate to staff what goes in what bin.

Signs are provided for Recyclables

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