Ames True Temper

Manufacture of solid socket shovels and spades using boron steel.

Savings which were demonstrated from the piloting and design work would include the following if fully implemented at the site:

  • Eliminating the use of oil as a quenching medium – 7000 litres/annum.
  • Reducing hazardous process waste – oil contaminated solids, millscale etc. 3,500 kg/annum.
  • Eliminating tempering oven and its associated emissions to atmosphere –110 tonnes/annum TOC (as C).
  • Eliminating VOC emissions from quench oil operation – 18 kg/annum.
  • Reducing plant energy usage by removal of the LPG fired tempering oven –84,000 litres LPG/annum.
  • Annual net savings of €50,000.
  • There would also be additional benefits of surplus decreased labour, improved product flow, reduced material handling and movement, more floor space and a significantly cleaner operation.
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