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Sick Of Plastic campaigners organised a nationwide day of action against excess supermarket plastic packaging on Saturday April 21st

The Sick of Plastic campaign consists of consumers, citizens, and concerned members of the public who are sick of the rising amount of single-use plastics in Ireland. The campaign is facilitated by VO…

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SMILE Resource Exchange launches national Hotline and Supports for businesses getting greener

The SMILE Resource Exchange has just launched a new national environmental support programme available in Ireland for businesses interested in finding efficiencies or new opportunities within their cu…

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The Irish Independent Reports on Ireland’s Waste Management Dilemma

A report from The Irish Independent analyses the implications of the recent refusal of plastic importation to China. Read ‘Chinese ban leaves us ‘on the brink’ of plastic waste crisis’ written by Kim …

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EPA launches National Waste Statistics Web Resource

The Environmental Protection Agency launched its new National Waste Statistics web resource

The new web resource provides:

One online location for national wa…

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Iceland vows to become first supermarket to eliminate plastic packaging

Iceland became the first major retailer to commit to eliminate plastic packaging for all of its own brand products by the year 2023. All plastic packaging of its own brand products will be replaced wi…

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European Commission Plastics Strategy

The first-ever European Plastics Strategy was adopted on January 16th. This European Directive aims to change how we make, use, produce & dispose of plastics for a more Circular Economy via reduct…

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Cork City Council becomes first council to cease its use of disposable cups

Report from Olivia Kelleher in The Irish Times January 11th 2018 recognises the move by Cork City Council to end its supply of single use disposable cups in their offices.

Staff are facilitated to …

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Public consultation on reducing marine litter – action on single-use plastics and fishing gear

You can contribute to this public consultation by filling out the online questionnaire here

European call for submissions on reducing marine litter: action on single use plastics and fishing gear

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Modelling shows that ocean currents can concentrate slow-degrading debris in certain parts of the world’s oceans

Read this article from The Guardian newspaper, If you drop plastic in the ocean, where does it end up? written by Alan Evans (published June 29th 2017). Moving graphics depict where plastic ends up ov…

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The EPA Publish A Review of Current Priorities and Emerging Issues in European Waste Policy

The Clean Technology Centre (CTC), at Cork Institute of Technology, was commissioned by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to undertake desktop research to review the current priorities a…

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