Nimbus looks to future with water hub

The second phase of the innovation hub to address Ireland’s water infrastructure has been launched at Cork Institute of Technology‘s Nimbus Centre.

The Water Systems and Services Innovation Centre (WSSIC) is a joint venture between Cork City Council, Cork County Council and the Nimbus Centre and is expected to prove instrumental in modernising Ireland’s ailing water infrastructure.

Speaking at the launch, TD Se├ín Sherlock said the hub “will provide better water services for the people of Ireland” and “will create new, innovative industry opportunities and jobs”.

CIT’s president Dr Brendan Murphy says the WSSIC’s goal will be to “create a new kind of innovation that impacts our daily lives and inspires creativity”.

Other projects at the Nimbus Centre include ‘smart cities’, next-generation energy applications, transport, security and finding better ways for people to interact with technology.

Source: Enviro-Solutions