Our Services

Green Business is here to help your business become more resource efficient and save money.

Here’s what we will do for you:

  1. Green Business provides free onsite Resource Efficiency Assessments (REAs) carried out by our experts, to help reduce your water, waste and energy bills.
  2. All work carried out by Green Business is 100% confidential and information is not shared with any third party.
  3. A report is issued following an onsite visit, which identifies resource efficiency opportunities specific to your business. The report will identify a number of opportunities, which will be a mixture of ‘no-cost’, ‘low-cost’ and also opportunities that may require some investment.
  4. Green Business will follow up with you after approximately 6 months to see how you are getting on with the report.
  5. Green Business will also assist you in writing a Case Study of the improvement and cost savings you have made following the site visit and follow up work.


Resource efficiency is essentially about using less water, energy and raw materials to manufacture a product or provide a service. In every business steps can be taken to address specific areas of a process and identify opportunities to prevent waste and save money. Why not sign up now?


Green Business also holds regional workshops to introduce the concept of waste prevention and discuss resource efficiency issues with businesses. The workshops give you access to experts in several fields, who not only present on resource efficiency topics, but also provide specific advice and assistance to you in discussions.

These workshops are held in a number of different locations throughout the year.

Other Services

Green Business has worked with a wide range of companies, and can also provide assistance via phone, web and via email.

Green Business can also inform you about and even refer your company to other Resource Efficiency support agencies and funding programmes, if your needs would fit those supports. Contact us now.


Case Studies

Green Business Morning Seminars Tipperary Presentations

Presentations from Green Business Morning Seminars Cashel Oct. 25th and Nenagh Oct. 26th 2017 Zero Waste Cashel – Derry O’ Donnell Green Business – James Hogan Stop Food Waste Programme – Sarah Broderick Django’s Hostel – Pa Finucane Stakelums Office Supplies – Conor Stakelum SMILE Resource Exchange – Katherine Corkery Tipperary Energy Agency – Alan […]

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James Hogan, Green Business presentation, Turn Food Waste into Profit Seminar 2017

James Hogan, presents on behalf of the Clean Technology Centre & Green Business, at the Turn Food Waste into Profit Seminar, The Bush Hotel, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim

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