The Sick of Plastic campaign consists of consumers, citizens, and concerned members of the public who are sick of the rising amount of single-use plastics in Ireland. The campaign is facilitated by VOICE Ireland and Friends of the Earth.

A nationwide day of action took place on Saturday April 21st, the day before Earth Day, where volunteers stood outside local supermarkets across Ireland, encouraging shoppers to leave their unwanted plastic packaging behind at the checkout.

People are growing more and more concerned that plastic, which is used for such a short time, takes hundreds of years to decompose. This is causing terrible damage to the oceans, devastating wildlife, and sullying our communities. A huge problem with this rise in plastic packaging is that much of this plastic is not recyclable. The consumer is required to figure out where to dispose of such packaging and also has to pay for its disposal when it is not recyclable.

Read more here about the campaign and media coverage here.

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Already supermarkets are responding to the call to action. Super Valu recently announced that it has become Ireland’s first retailer to introduce compostable bags for produce. Read their press release.

Read here for Mindy O’ Brien’s Top 10 tips for reducing the use of plastic, as featured in The Irish Times, published April 20th 2018.

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