People also seem to have taken on board that the ‘Green Business’ approach as not only a good ‘environmental’ direction to take, but will also improve their organisation’s ‘bottom line’ commercially and very probably increase their marketing profile – i.e. The overall perception seems to be that Green Business is ‘good for business’.

In addition, interestingly, the general perception seems to be that Green Business is associated more closely with the EPA, rather than viewed as a CTC concept.

One indication of the growing awareness of Green Business is that readers of our online publication, Sustainability Ireland, are now expecting an article as a regular ‘Green Business’ feature. In previous issues, the Green Business articles have always come in the top three most viewed items – and, indeed, the two Green Business videos in recent publications, remain the only videos with 100% viewing ‘Hits’ – i.e. when people click on the video, they view the full video to its end.

Neil Flynn


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