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2018 Energy Ireland Conference

Register now for Energy Ireland 2018. The 22nd annual conference is taking place 19-20 June, Croke Park Dublin. For more information, see here.

The energy world is in a state of flux as it transitions to a low carbon, distributed and digital model. The disruption in the political world continues into 2018, with disruption to the energy sector. The geopolitics of energy is changing with a move away from internationally traded fossil fuels to local energy systems based on wind, sunlight and biomass. Closer to home, Brexit is now looming large.

Renewable energy is at an inflection point with new RESS and RHI schemes. Cost reduction in many technologies such as offshore wind and solar are making them increasingly competitive. Bioenergy offers a path to more sustainable forms of heating and has the potential to refuel Ireland’s natural gas network. Energy networks are undergoing rapid change and will facilitate the move towards a new system of energy delivery. They are becoming increasingly disrupted and smarter, through necessity. We are also seeing much digital disruption across the sector from smart networks to connected homes.

The 22nd Annual Energy Ireland conference will look at the drivers of change in the energy sector and focus on the areas of disruption.

Full programme available here

Case Studies

SMEs in a Green Economy – Green Business presentation to the OECD

In March 2018, James Hogan for the Green Business Programme Ireland presented an OECD Regional Policy Dialogue Meeting on “SMEs in a Green Economy”. The purpose of the meeting was to advise policy makers form the Western Balkans on the importance of Greening SMEs. The Green Business presentation provided valuable insights into the tangible benefits […]

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Sustainability: A Retail Perspective from Lidl (Future in Food Ireland 2017)

  Presentation from Deirdre Ryan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland at the Future of Food Ireland 2017 Conference in Croke Park November 23rd Deirdre Ryan, Lidl Presentation

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