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National Sustainability Summit 2018

The National Sustainability Summit 2018 takes place in the Citywest Hotel on January 31st.

James Hogan, Programme Manager, Green Business Programme will speak at this event.

The line up of over 120 speakers is drawn from senior management from the largest and most influential Irish and international companies who have delivered quantifiable eco results. Speakers come from areas such as pharmaceutical, food, aviation, retail, hospitality, food, construction, manufacturing, IT, logistics and supply chain, and energy sectors. Case studies will be presented to help you create a sustainable business of your own or adapt your current business model.

Key topics will include: Water management, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Energy, Recycling, Waste Reduction, Sustainable Construction & Buildings, Sustainable Food, Sustainable Manufacturing, Sustainable IT, Sustainable Technology, Consumer Engagement, Sustainable Packaging, Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain, Regulations & Policy, Sustainable Investment, Tax and Legal issues, Sustainable Transport, and much moreā€¦

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Case Studies

Sustainability: A Retail Perspective from Lidl (Future in Food Ireland 2017)

  Presentation from Deirdre Ryan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland at the Future of Food Ireland 2017 Conference in Croke Park November 23rd Deirdre Ryan, Lidl Presentation

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A Review of Current Priorities and Emerging Issues in European Waste Policy

The Clean Technology Centre (CTC), at Cork Institute of Technology, was commissioned by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to undertake desktop research to review the current priorities and emerging issues in European Waste Policy. This was to include (be based on) information pertaining to the European Commission and selected Member States. Downloads: Review of […]

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