Manufacture of solid socket shovels and spades using boron steel.

Savings which were demonstrated from the piloting and design work would include the following if fully implemented at the site:

  • Eliminating the use of oil as a quenching medium – 7000 litres/annum.
  • Reducing hazardous process waste – oil contaminated solids, millscale etc. 3,500 kg/annum.
  • Eliminating tempering oven and its associated emissions to atmosphere –110 tonnes/annum TOC (as C).
  • Eliminating VOC emissions from quench oil operation – 18 kg/annum.
  • Reducing plant energy usage by removal of the LPG fired tempering oven –84,000 litres LPG/annum.
  • Annual net savings of €50,000.
  • There would also be additional benefits of surplus decreased labour, improved product flow, reduced material handling and movement, more floor space and a significantly cleaner operation.

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