Redesign of Schiedel Chimney Systems to reduce packaging waste.

This project was to redesign the chimney system to produce a factory assembled ‘Storey High’ product rather than supplying the chimney system in component kit form. The new system eliminates packaging since it is transported to site in re-useable metal cradles, replacing the pallets and plastic wrapping of the existing system. The new system is also assembled in the Schiedel factory rather than on the building site. This increases the quality and accuracy of construction and reduces the amount of materials needed per unit. The new system also results in a reduction in chimney installation times for builders.

Once the system is 100% implemented at the site the following annual savings will be realised by the company (based on production levels in 200):

  • −  €258,000 gross cost savings.
  • −  16,000 wooden pallets eliminated.
  • −  28 tonnes plastic hoods eliminated.
  • −  18,000 metres insulation material saved.
  • −  18,000 tubes sealer saved.
  • −  reduction in shrink wrap gas usage.

    To read the full case study please follow this link

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