The Green Hospitality Programme (GHP), which is led by Clean Technology Centre, has launched a new booklet–Resource Efficiency in the Hospitality Sector. This booklet contains numerous case studies, on how to reduce  utility costs through resource efficiency. It features GHP members including hotels, restaurants, pubs and contract caterers who have implemented waste prevention measures, resulting in significant costs savings.  It is estimated that the average GHP member hotel has saved €30,000 per annum.

This booklet shows how 19 Irish businesses have reduced costs and their impact on the environment through resource efficiency. It shows how companies in this sector can achieve this through, simple, no cost and low cost solutions.

In recent years, Green Hospitality Programme  members have reduced their waste going to landfill waste by 80%, reduced water consumption by 30% and reduced  their energy consumption by 20%, through the implementation of the GHP standards and criteria. Since 2008, the GHP has saved businesses €15million; €6.2millon in 2011 alone.

Waste management is one of the simplest tasks any hospitality business can undertake no or low cost solutions easy to implement.

Water costs are another significant expenditure for the hospitality sector. Up to 50% of high quality drinking water consumed by hotels is used to flush toilets;  and simple measures such as controlling water flow to guest showers and taps can result I considerable savings.

Energy costs are by far the largest utility costs for the hospitality sectors and managing and controlling these costs is essential for survival. The booklet offers many practical examples of how hospitality business have managed costs and moved towards renewable energy.

Examples of resource efficiency saving technologies and ideas contained within the Resource Efficiency handbook include:

  • Switching to LEDs – The Castlemartyr Hotel in County Cork installed energy efficient lighting as a cost efficient solution to reducing electricity costs. The savings in the first year were €38,800 with a predicted saving of €175,000 in energy costs over the life span of the LEDs (5 years). The CO2 emissions were reduced by 135.7 tonnes per annum.
  • Good energy management – The Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa, Cork implemented a focus on energy management programme which resulted in electricity consumption reducing by 19% and gas consumption reducing by 6% over two years, and an overall cost reduction of €70,000.
  • Replacement of disposable paper cups – Catering company Sodexo replaced paper cups with thermal mugs, saving €124,000 annually, reducing landfill, paper cup consumption and CO2.

Some photos at the launch:

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