In March 2018, James Hogan for the Green Business Programme Ireland presented an OECD Regional Policy Dialogue Meeting on “SMEs in a Green Economy”.

The purpose of the meeting was to advise policy makers form the Western Balkans on the importance of Greening SMEs. The Green Business presentation provided valuable insights into the tangible benefits of implementing green policies and instruments for enhanced productivity, competitiveness, as well as creating new business opportunities. Green Business reconfirmed that if governments and policy makers wanted a sustainable economy, then they need sustainable environment. The sustainability of society and economy are inextricably linked to a sustainable environment which provides us with the raw materials including; energy, water, metals and climate, without which we will not survive.

The participants found particularly beneficial the examples shared on how to effectively assist enterprises in identifying opportunities for reducing waste, energy and water consumption – with one of the key takeaways being that it often doesn’t cost anything for SMEs to make savings, but unfortunately they are not aware of these “no-cost” measures.

James Hogan, Green Business presenting at OECD Regional Policy Dialogue Meeting on “SMEs in a Green Economy”

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